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Why a good business consultant can save you more money than a good AEM architect

In the years working in the consulting business for Adobe I joined many projects. Some only temporary to support on some special issues, others in a broader context; but always it was with a focus on the technology, on implementation, architecture and infrastructure. And with this background, I always tried to help my customers and projects and use the AEM (or CQ5) technology in the right way; to spend their money wisely and cost-effective. But: according to my own standards I often failed to do so.

Designing the Process: Collaborating Across Design and Development

First and foremost, we are strategists and designers. As channels of engagement continue to grow, the opportunities (and challenges) to succeed increase exponentially. To keep up with this change, we must work across the aisle. We must rely on our technology partners early on in the scoping and discovery process, as well as most phases of design. We call on technology partners that are able to understand our strategic vision and help us execute through all phases of the project. In this post, We’ll describe how we at Segal Savad approach the process of collaborating across design and development.


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