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Website Voice Search with the WebSpeech API and Adobe Search&Promote

With the takeover of the web by mobile browsers, tailoring experiences to mobile users is critical to creating successful experiences. Nearly 21.6% of mobile visitors using voice search on a daily basis, so providing voice search on mobile web experiences helps to create a more native experience for mobile users. Historically there has not been a good API for integrating voice recognition into websites, however, the (relatively) new WebSpeech API makes this possible right through JavaScript. This API is still experimental and only works in certain browsers, but has significant promise to more closely align web and native mobile experiences. 

5 Tips to Maximize Adobe Experience Cloud Performance

The research is clear: consumers want fast websites! No matter how personalized or beautiful an experience you provide, consumers will not wait around if it is too slow. Luckily, the Adobe Experience Cloud enables you to create both a stellar and high-performance website. Here are five key tips on maximizing the performance of your website: 

5 Important Things All Data-Driven Marketers Need to Know About Adobe Target

Adobe Target is one of the world’s most powerful optimization tools, allowing you to completely target your customized audiences of people coming to your website and set up your unique page experiences hile also using many of Adobe’s other tool suites.Here is our list of the top 5 things data-driven marketers and the teams they work with should know when using Adobe Target: 

Powering Content Marketing And Creative By Leveraging The Power Of Big Data

According to a 2017 study conducted by MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute, 23% of B2C marketers said their overall content marketing success was flat year-over-year. But why? The top two reasons cited are strategy issues (49%) and not enough time devoted to content marketing (48%).Data from DemandMetric even shows content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about three times as many conversions. With the rise of content marketing, automation and technology to reduce waste and increase yield would suggest that practitioners today are actually doing content right. But the numbers are elusive.

Enabling Target Visual Experience Composer in AEM

Adobe Target’s Visual Experience Composer(VEC) is a powerful editor for Digital Marketing Teams to easily create and test personalized experiences in the site context. This tool can be used by teams who are not interested in using the Target in AEM integration either due to business processes or team preferences.Visual Experience Composer makes creating offers as easy as clicking on an element and selecting the desired action:

The Next Phase for DMP Data in Adobe Target

Today, I’m focusing on one popular integration which involves how best to get DMP segment data into Adobe Target. We’ll look at both the client-side and server-side methods, including some important considerations that you’ll benefit from knowing.

Using AEM Experience Fragments with Adobe Target

Experience Fragments, introduced with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.3, provide an excellent feature set to author content in a channel-neutral way. An experience fragment is a set of content that, when grouped, forms an experience that should make sense on its own.

Explore Sensei Capabilities in Adobe Target to Drive Personalization

Personalizing your user experiences lets you make a more genuine connection with real people who patronize your virtual storefront. Unfortunately, you lack the resources to engage in manual, in-depth advertising adaptation for every one of the thousands of potential consumers that engage with your brand. You also don’t have time for expensive marketing mistakes that might make your branding less cost-effective. Could Adobe Target’s new Sensei capabilities put your strategy on a firmer footing?

How To Enable Website Personalisation for Your Business

This blog is going to take you through our eight tips to help you get personal with your customers. The tips range from simple solutions to more advanced solutions depending on the maturity of your current personalisation strategy. There should be something here for everyone!

Adobe Solution Overview: Marketing Website

The cornerstone of your brand’s digital presence is its website. Successfully building a website to market your brand requires coordination with multiple teams and different solutions to deliver a cohesive experience. In this video, we discuss strategies for building a world-class marketing website using the Adobe Experience Cloud platform.