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Adobe launches Launch, its next-gen tag management platform

Adobe is out this week with its next-generation tag management platform.Called Launch and built into the Adobe Cloud Platform, it is based on technology acquired when the tech giant bought a tag management technology called Satellite in 2013. Launch was announced as a beta release at Adobe Summit in March, and it’s now out in general release.Adobe Product Marketing Manager Jon Viray told me that the previous Adobe tag management offering, called Dynamic Tag Management or DTM, is primarily designed for providing page tags for Adobe’s tools. Users could integrate third-party marketing tools into DTM by adding the necessary JavaScript, he said, but they couldn’t easily add much functionality.

5 Tips to Maximize Adobe Experience Cloud Performance

The research is clear: consumers want fast websites! No matter how personalized or beautiful an experience you provide, consumers will not wait around if it is too slow. Luckily, the Adobe Experience Cloud enables you to create both a stellar and high-performance website. Here are five key tips on maximizing the performance of your website: 

Adobe Launch’s Rule Ordering is a big deal for Single Page Apps

In November, I posted about some of the ways that Launch will make it easier to implement on Single Page Apps (SPAs), but I hinted that a few things were still lacking.In mid-January, the Launch team announced a feature I’ve been eagerly awaiting: the ability to order your rules. With this ability, we finally have a clean and easy way to implement Adobe Analytics on a Single Page App.The historical problemAs I mentioned in my previous post, one of the key problems we’ve seen in the past was that Event-Based Rules (EBRs) and Direct Call Rules (DCRs) can’t “stack”. Let me explain what I mean by that.

Adobe DTM vs. Launch

As you know, support for Adobe’s Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM) is going away. That doesn’t mean the platform will be shut down anytime soon, but it does mean you should consider migrating your implementation to Adobe Launch in the near future. One question you’ll want answered before migrating is: “What’s the difference between Adobe Launch vs. DTM?” The short answer: A lot… and at the same time not much. Summary of Changes  DTMLaunch Basics Web Properties The concept of Web Properties did not change between DTM and Launch.     Approval Workflow Adobe Launch adds some depth to the approval workflow process.   + User Permissions Adobe Launch offers greater flexibility of access to various environments.   + Extensions Adobe Launch is infinitely extensible, allowing third parties to integrate their own tools into the platform.     Tagtician Debugger Support The Tagtician debugger supports both Adobe DTM and Adobe Launch.  ...