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Seattle Adobe Experience Manager Developer Community

Connecting the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Developer Community in the Seattle area for best practices, case studies, product launch demos, trends, events, social networking and dev tips and tricks.

Atlanta Adobe Experience Manager Developer Community

Connecting the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Developer Community in the Atlanta area for best practices, case studies, product launch/demos, trends, events, social networking and tips & tricks.

Account Go! Adobe Experience Manager Sites: Chicago

The workshop will focus on selling Adobe Experience Manager Sites to customers looking for a web content management platform. You will learn how an Adobe Solutions Consultant uses the assets and demo tools found in the Adobe Solution Partner Portal and Adobe Demo Hub to deliver a sales pitch and demo to a prospective customer.

APAC Webinar Series – Adobe Campaign, AEM, and Adobe Experience Platform Preview

Join us for a new monthly, partner-exclusive update, now in an APAC friendly time! Each month, we'll dive into a particular topic such as product roadmap, new feature demo, new capabilities or innovations. Join us January 11th to dive into Adobe Experience Manager.

Account Go! Adobe Experience Manager Sites: London

Diving into Adobe Experience Manager Sites (AEM), this workshop will help you power your technical sales games. Take part in team breakout sessions to learn how to build and customize your own AEM Sites demo. Discover strategies for presenting a custom sales pitch from product experts.

Account Go! Adobe Experience Manager Sites: Paris

Covering business strategies and technical topics, you will be customizing presentations and building custom demos with Adobe Solution Consultants in this hands-on workshop. At the end of this workshop, you will be delivering your Adobe Experience Manager Sites presentation and demo pitch to a fictional customer.

Information Architecture: Key to Digital Marketing Success

Why should you care about your Information Architecture (IA)? A good IA sets the groundwork for a good project, a bad IA causes churn and can overwhelm even a good implementation team. Information Architecture is the process of categorizing and organizing content and data into a structure that makes sense for both programs and people. IA is one of the components in a larger Solution or Enterprise Architecture, and it enables you to maximize your investment in your Digital Marketing platform by providing clarity and organization to your content and data. Is IA Just a Content Deliverable? Many teams silo off IA into the content or strategy corner. Ignoring IA's effects on the larger implementation is a mistake. A good Information Architecture requires feedback from Product Owners, Technical Teams, Digital Marketing Teams and Business Stakeholders. Each of these teams will bring a different perspective; distilling these perspectives and...

AEM + AMP: AEM Multisite Manager + Accelerated Mobile Pages

Hi everyone! I’m currently working on a very fun task related to a project I’m assigned to and thought it’s a good one to share.The client wants to have AMP pages, so they decided to create a PoC with a possible implementation. Interestingly, when I started reading about AMP I found two facts that were really shocking to me:Slow loading sites frustrate users and negatively impact publishers: 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load!77% of mobile sites take longer than 10 seconds to load on 3G networks, making it a whole lot of abandoned websites.

How to Achieve a Seamless Transition to AEM 6.3

Leverage the AEM 6.3 content management system to optimise customer engagement with relevant content. Learn how to make your transition to AEM 6.3 seamless.