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Seattle Adobe Experience Manager Developer Community

Connecting the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Developer Community in the Seattle area for best practices, case studies, product launch demos, trends, events, social networking and dev tips and tricks.

Atlanta Adobe Experience Manager Developer Community

Connecting the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Developer Community in the Atlanta area for best practices, case studies, product launch/demos, trends, events, social networking and tips & tricks.

Account Go! Adobe Experience Manager Sites: Chicago

The workshop will focus on selling Adobe Experience Manager Sites to customers looking for a web content management platform. You will learn how an Adobe Solutions Consultant uses the assets and demo tools found in the Adobe Solution Partner Portal and Adobe Demo Hub to deliver a sales pitch and demo to a prospective customer.

APAC Webinar Series – Adobe Campaign, AEM, and Adobe Experience Platform Preview

Join us for a new monthly, partner-exclusive update, now in an APAC friendly time! Each month, we'll dive into a particular topic such as product roadmap, new feature demo, new capabilities or innovations. Join us January 11th to dive into Adobe Experience Manager.

Account Go! Adobe Experience Manager Sites: London

Diving into Adobe Experience Manager Sites (AEM), this workshop will help you power your technical sales games. Take part in team breakout sessions to learn how to build and customize your own AEM Sites demo. Discover strategies for presenting a custom sales pitch from product experts.

Account Go! Adobe Experience Manager Sites: Paris

Covering business strategies and technical topics, you will be customizing presentations and building custom demos with Adobe Solution Consultants in this hands-on workshop. At the end of this workshop, you will be delivering your Adobe Experience Manager Sites presentation and demo pitch to a fictional customer.

How to Fix AEM Link Checker Issues with Broken Image Links

Users expect an engaging and quality experience on your site. If little things aren’t working correctly, they are likely to get frustrated and leave. Link Checker is a useful tool within AEM that validates all external and internal links on content pages. It shows all invalid, expired, and pre-dated links broken in the authoring environment

How does Sling resolve an AEM Page to the correct resource type?

On the AEM forum there’s an interesting question: Does this mean that all requests to the page node are internally redirected to _jcr_content for HTML and XML calls but not for other extensions ? Without answering the question right here, it raises the question: How is a cq:Page node actually resolved? Or how does Sling know, that it should resolve a call to a cq:Page node to the resourcetype specified in its jcr:content node? Especially since the 'cq:Page' does not have a 'sling:resourceType' property at all?

Catching up with David Gonzalez

This year at Summit I didn’t have booth duty, which allowed me more freedom to browse the Community Pavilion and attend sessions and labs. One of the labs I was excited to attend was David Gonzalez’s ( David is a Technical Marketing Engineer at Adobe and co-project lead of ACS AEM Commons/Tools/Samples, and his lab was called “Accelerate Your Development with Experience Manager Core Components” ( After his lab, David took some time to talk with me about what’s new with ACS AEM Commons. He mentioned 2 note really interesting items: Managed Controlled Processes ( and Asset Share Commons (, which we hope to cover in a later article/podcast. He was even nice enough to setup our interview with Bryan Stopp, which you will be able to hear on this blog at a later date.

Writing unit tests for AEM (part 2): Maven Setup

In the previous post I showed you how easy it is to start using SlingContext. If you start to use this approach in your own project and just copy the code, your Maven build is likely to fail with messages like this: [ERROR] testActivate_unconfiguredParams(de.joerghoh.cqdump.samples.unittest.ReplicationServletTest) Time elapsed: 0.01 s <<< ERROR! No OSGi SCR metadata found for class de.joerghoh.cqdump.samples.unittest.ReplicationServlet