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Information Architecture: Key to Digital Marketing Success

Why should you care about your Information Architecture (IA)? A good IA sets the groundwork for a good project, a bad IA causes churn and can overwhelm even a good implementation team. Information Architecture is the process of categorizing and organizing content and data into a structure that makes sense for both programs and people. IA is one of the components in a larger Solution or Enterprise Architecture, and it enables you to maximize your investment in your Digital Marketing platform by providing clarity and organization to your content and data. Is IA Just a Content Deliverable? Many teams silo off IA into the content or strategy corner. Ignoring IA's effects on the larger implementation is a mistake. A good Information Architecture requires feedback from Product Owners, Technical Teams, Digital Marketing Teams and Business Stakeholders. Each of these teams will bring a different perspective; distilling these perspectives and...

5 Tips to Maximize Adobe Experience Cloud Performance

The research is clear: consumers want fast websites! No matter how personalized or beautiful an experience you provide, consumers will not wait around if it is too slow. Luckily, the Adobe Experience Cloud enables you to create both a stellar and high-performance website. Here are five key tips on maximizing the performance of your website: 

GDPR and Digital Marketing: Adobe Experience Cloud to the rescue

The European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) governs EU consumers’ (EU citizens) private information. The regulation gains power before the end of May, but its impact on businesses worldwide is already noticeable by the number of privacy policy updates and email notifications we have been receiving daily from service providers, social media platforms, etc.If you’re looking into a new digital experience platform or are already using Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, chances are one of your main concerns is what tools these technologies have in place not only to help your organization’s marketing compliance with GDPR, but also to make it as easy and effortless to manage as possible.