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Turning Shopping Cart Abandonment into A Golden Marketing Opportunity

Trigger Your Re-Marketing Now with Adobe I/O"Shopping cart abandonment-when shoppers put items in their online shopping carts, but then leave before completing the purchaseis the bane of the online retail industry."Cooper SmithIts a million dollar question with millions of dollars at stake: how do you turn the instant loss of shopping cart abandonment into long-term gain?If youre a customer of Adobe Analytics and Adobe Campaign, you can now use Adobe I/O Events to build an event-driven, lightweight solution that allows you to quickly re-target and re-market your customers who abandoned cart.

12 Ways to Ensure a Smooth Adobe Campaign Implementation

In today’s business world, there is no shortage of studies and statistics that demonstrate that software implementation and IT projects are more likely to fail than not and as a result your resources, time and money are at stake. Despite the odds not being in favor of these types of projects, concrete ways to ensure your implementation is successful do exist.   It starts with active, realistic project sponsorship at the executive level and a rock-solid Project Management approach to lead the effort. If you can then add in a number of effective tactics and techniques during the implementation your organization can avoid being one of those failure statistics. Based on our work planning, managing and executing more than 50 Adobe Campaign Implementations and over 126 customizations and integrations, Celerity has comprised a set of 12 tactics to employ as you embark on your next implementation: 1. Ensure there is a clearly defined Project Team...

How to Maximize your Regional and Franchise Marketing Efforts

Effective franchise marketing at a regional and local level can be challenging. When any business expands, it needs to carefully consider how it will engage with its local audiences. Naturally, existing and prospective customers in this new market will have their own unique behaviors, preferences and buying habits – all of which will shape the brand’s regional marketing efforts.Need help with managing your distributed marketing efforts in Adobe Campaign? Check out our bespoke distributed marketing accelerator, Campaign DriverA franchise business needs to distribute effective, personalized and highly relevant marketing materials at a local level. Marketers at both the corporate and local level need to be able to seamlessly build content and execute campaigns that speak directly to target audiences. Collaboration between both levels is essential to ensure brand consistency across many different channels.

Aligning your Campaign Strategy with your Buyer’s Journey

Mapping a Buyer’s Journey and Building your Campaign Strategy In today’s marketing environment, identifying customers that have a need for your product or service and have the potential to move through the sales process to become an actual customer can be easier said than done. Marketing automation leveraging data-driven insights certainly helps but in our experience, the biggest component of a successful campaign strategy hinges on sales and marketing alignment, a clear understanding of where the data lies (and in what systems), and a firm understanding of how a customer flows through the sales cycle. What characteristics do customers have during each phase of the process? What are their questions? and what messaging is relevant to them at that time? These are all questions that need to be asked in this planning phase. There is no denying that tight marketing and sales alignment, an understanding of your organizations unique buyer’s...

Six Ways to Ensure your Adobe Campaign Instance Stays Manageable and Scalable

Important Areas of Adobe Campaign You’ll Want to Keep Your Eye On Adobe Campaign (AC) is one of the most powerful cross-channel integrated marketing automation and campaign management platforms on the market.  Once you purchase Adobe Campaign and implement, the focus becomes configuring the product to meet your unique business processes and goals. With customized configuration comes a magnitude of options, and it isn’t as cut-and-dry as it seems. The more campaigns your run in Adobe Campaign over time, you may start to see slips in performance, or you can lose the internal knowledge of how it was implemented, or tables/integrations are updated without best practices or defined processes in place. It happens! Based on Celerity’s cross-industry experience partnering with enterprise-level clients, we’ve identified the six more important considerations for ensuring your instance stays scalable so you are always in a position to refine and evolve your instance, automate more processes, create...

Adobe Campaign: Setting up SMS alerts based monitoring

Adobe Campaign comes with real-time Error Managment and Alert generation mechanism for Campaign & Technical workflows. The alerts so generated are sent to assigned group operators that have valid email address in order to receive the notification.Out-of-box email based template used to send Monitoring alerts is located at:Administration > Campaign Management > Technical delivery templates > Send an alert to workflow task assignees (alertAssignee)This blog take this process a step forward if we want to recieve these alerts as SMS rather than email for quicker turnaround. This could prove to useful particularly relating to technical workflows like import/export workflows where we normally have dependencies with  upstream & downstream applications.

Adobe Solution Overview: Marketing Website

The cornerstone of your brand’s digital presence is its website. Successfully building a website to market your brand requires coordination with multiple teams and different solutions to deliver a cohesive experience. In this video, we discuss strategies for building a world-class marketing website using the Adobe Experience Cloud platform.

Top Five Tips: Maximising ROI from Adobe Campaign

39% of marketers say proving the ROI of their marketing activities is their top marketing challenge, and things are only getting more heated, as Marketing technology spend is now surpassing advertising spend for most companies - (Gartner, 2016). So how can those who have invested in Adobe Campaign, a powerful and visionary marketing automation tool, ensure that ROI lands in their laps?

Alleviate Pain Points by Prioritizing Your Marketing Campaigns

The Issue: Managing Multiple Campaigns Concurrently For any organization that runs a multitude of marketing campaigns on a regular basis, one complaint often heard is that the more campaigns an organization has running, the more challenging it is to ensure the customer is receiving the right one. Without managing this larger quantity of campaigns properly, a business will run the risk of overlap – overcommunicating to recipients, sending them the wrong message at the wrong time and potentially losing your ability to deliver messages to them moving forward (channel or global opt-out). The first instinct of most companies is to create rules within workflows limiting a household from receiving one campaign if they have already been selected for another; however, as the business evolves and more campaigns are implemented, these rules become extremely difficult to keep track of and organize. This puts the marketing department in a difficult position, forcing both...

Five Key Take-Outs: Maximising ROI from Adobe Campaign

On Tuesday 20th February, Celerity hosted an event for Adobe Campaign users exploring ways to maximise return on investment from the platform. Here are our top five take-outs: 1. “Prepare your data well in advance of implementation” This one came from Shauna Mullins & Laura Rowe at Skipton Building Society. They successfully implemented the Adobe Campaign platform just over four years ago and have benefitted from some impressive results; increasing campaign output by over 1000% and increasing incremental ROI by 300%. This doesn’t mean everything went swimmingly. Sharing their ‘Implementation Do’s & Don’ts’, they highlighted the need for brands to get their data in order BEFORE they undertake the implementation of a new platform like Adobe Campaign. They shared this advice after it took a large amount of unforeseen time and effort to organise their data, which ultimately held up the project and delayed the go-live. If they could go back in time,...