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Customer Data Feed

A while ago I wrote about the Adobe Analytics data feed. Adobe Audience Manager has the same concept: you can get a file with the raw data. This feed is call Customer Data Feed or CDF.   Why would you want the Customer Data Feed Before going to the details, you need to question yourself why you want it. It does not make sense to just get it because you want to hoard as much data as you can. With GDPR in the horizon, you should only have the minimal amount of data needed to run your business. Besides, the CDF generates huge amounts of data. I was talking a few days ago with one of my colleagues and I asked him which customers he knew were using CDF. He said that many customers request it, but when we explain them the amount of data it will generate, most of them...

The Next Phase for DMP Data in Adobe Target

Today, I’m focusing on one popular integration which involves how best to get DMP segment data into Adobe Target. We’ll look at both the client-side and server-side methods, including some important considerations that you’ll benefit from knowing.

The Magic Triangle: Embracing Data-Driven Insights to be a More Effective Marketer

The Magic Triangle of Adobe Campaign, Audience Manager and Analytics is game changer for marketeers. Dealing with the known and unknown – bringing a lot more value together These days, most successful organizations are determined to improve how they can market to unknown customers and also expand how they can communicate and sell to them effectively when they become known customers. It takes extensive strategic planning to understand the perfect sweet spot of where what you’re selling matches what the customer is searching and moreover it takes the right combination of technology to get the engine up and running and well-oiled. For starters, you need a robust marketing automation solution like Adobe Campaign as the central system. Beyond that there are a multitude of technology options that cover any organization’s (especially enterprise-level) comprehensive marketing needs and Adobe has done a good job enabling all of the solutions to be used on a...

How Using a DMP Helps Website Personalization

Targeting and personalization are key components of online marketing. By tailoring your marketing messages for the individual visitors to your website, instead of making them overly-generalized for a broad audience, you can increase the chances that they will become a customer and a repeat customer.A February 2016 survey from Demand Metric found that 59 percent of marketers don't personalize their content because they don't have the technology to do so. But the fact is, the technology necessary to personalize your marketing efforts is easily accessible if you know what to look for.