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Lessons From Building an Adobe Launch Extension

Late last year, Adobe announced the Adobe Launch Extension Idol, a contest between developers to see who could create amazing extensions. That piqued my interest for sure, as most of the contests Adobe had before were on the analysis, rarely were they on the tech/development side. We had already been planning on building several different Launch extensions, but this contest had pushed me forward to create the Gtag extension. I learned a lot along the way, and I wanted to cover a few key points that you should consider if you're thinking about (or already are!) creating an extension.

DTM to Launch Migration Tool Overview

There's a lot of buzz currently about upgrading from Dynamic Tag Manager to Launch by Adobe and there's a ton of good materials out there to help us plan and execute the migration successfully. Right off the bat, the three part series from 33Sticks comes to mind which I highly recommend you to read before this. My post will cover Adobe's migration tool which in my opinion provides a rather seamless method for upgrading to Launch. I'll share my experience with it and supplement the information that the Launch product team has already provided. I'm also not trying to provide a complete roadmap to migrate as there's already great content for it but I'm simply giving my opinion on this handy utility. Let's get started!

Direct Call Rules in Launch have a new power: passing additional info in _satellite.track

Adobe’s Dynamic Tag Manager has always given developers a chance to define exactly when a rule was called, by firing _satellite.track("insert rule name here"). This is called a Direct Call Rule (or DCR). They didn’t always get a ton of product love- after all, Event Based Rules don’t require work from developers and have so many more options- but many DTM users used them heavily because of the control they provided and how incredibly straightforward they were.

My biggest learnings about Adobe Launch after few implementations

Just wanted to write small summary what I have learned after few Adobe Analytics implementations through Adobe Launch. Luckily there are awesome people that have already written great blog posts and shared pretty much all these little tricks and tips so probably nothing new to share, but hopefully my post highlights few important issues and features.

DTM-to-Launch Migration Series #1: Options and Considerations

Adobe’s Launch is really building momentum (they just announced the plan to sunset DTM– editing abilities end December 31st, 2019; read-only access dies in June 2020), and in the past few months, it feels like almost every day, I get asked what does a launch migration look like?

5 Best Tag Management Solutions You Should Consider for Your Website

There is no dearth when it comes to the number of tag management systems available in the market. Also, each tag management system comes with its unique set of strengths. In this blog post, we’ve listed the top 5 tag management systems that you must consider to give a head start to your TMS journey.