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Adobe Global Community | San Francisco

Connecting the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Developer Community in the San Francisco Bay area for best practices, case studies, product launch demos, trends, events, social networking and dev tips and tricks.

Chicago Adobe Experience Cloud Developer Community

Connecting the Chicago Adobe Experience Cloud Developer community for best practices, case studies, product launch/demos, social networking and tips & tricks.

AGC Experience Developers Forum

The AGC Experience Developer Forum is a half day virtual conference for Adobe Experience Cloud Developers, Practitioners and Architects.

New Release: AEM DataLayer 0.3.0

I’m proud to announce the release of AEM DataLayer version 0.3.0. This version includes: Support for AEM 6.4 and 6.5 (beta) Improved (and less verbose) logging Changing from Gson to Johnzon for JSON Serialization For more details on using the AEM DataLayer, please consult the release notes.

The Next Phase for DMP Data in Adobe Target

Today, I’m focusing on one popular integration which involves how best to get DMP segment data into Adobe Target. We’ll look at both the client-side and server-side methods, including some important considerations that you’ll benefit from knowing.

Designing the Process: Collaborating Across Design and Development

First and foremost, we are strategists and designers. As channels of engagement continue to grow, the opportunities (and challenges) to succeed increase exponentially. To keep up with this change, we must work across the aisle. We must rely on our technology partners early on in the scoping and discovery process, as well as most phases of design. We call on technology partners that are able to understand our strategic vision and help us execute through all phases of the project. In this post, We’ll describe how we at Segal Savad approach the process of collaborating across design and development.

Adobe Solution Overview: Marketing Website

The cornerstone of your brand’s digital presence is its website. Successfully building a website to market your brand requires coordination with multiple teams and different solutions to deliver a cohesive experience. In this video, we discuss strategies for building a world-class marketing website using the Adobe Experience Cloud platform.

ACS Tools Contribution: Dumplibs

If you’ve ever worked with clientlibs in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), you are probably familiar with the dumplibs tool, the UI is lacking and searching for a clientlib is not as easy as it should be.


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