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Adobe Managed Services vs. Self-Hosting AEM – Pros & Cons

Published on by Tad Reeves on
“Where should I host AEM? Should I keep it in our datacenter, or put it in the cloud, or perhaps at a dedicated hosting provider? And Adobe really is pushing me to use Adobe Managed Services to host my Experience Manager install. Are they any good?” Being the centerpiece of the most complicated pieces of marketing infrastructure in the world, Adobe Experience Manager can be a real challenge to architect, deploy, and integrate. Everyone’s got a solution to pitch to you. “Everyone should go to the Cloud!” “Run it in containers!” “Let Adobe manage it for you!” However, with these folks each proclaiming that their solution is a one-size-fits-all, it’s important to consider the most fundamental decision you’ll make in setting up Adobe Experience Manager: Do I buy a license from Adobe and then host AEM myself (either on-premise or in the cloud), or do I sign a contract with Adobe Managed Services and have them run my AEM infrastructure for me? There are a lot of factors to consider, and they have to do not just with technical capabilities in AEM itself, but also with your current (and ideal!) deployment process, the personnel you have available to you now, and all of the many other things you might need your AEM system to talk to.


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