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Writing unit tests for AEM (part 2): Maven Setup

Published on by Jörg Hoh on
In the previous post I showed you how easy it is to start using SlingContext. If you start to use this approach in your own project and just copy the code, your Maven build is likely to fail with messages like this: [ERROR] testActivate_unconfiguredParams(de.joerghoh.cqdump.samples.unittest.ReplicationServletTest) Time elapsed: 0.01 s <<< ERROR! No OSGi SCR metadata found for class de.joerghoh.cqdump.samples.unittest.ReplicationServlet at The problem here is not the use of the SlingMock library itself, but rather the fact that we use SlingMocks to test code which uses OSGI annotations. The fix itself is quite straight-forward: We need to create OSGI metadata also for the unittests and not only for the bundling (SlingMock is reading these metadata for the test execution). Thats the reason why theres the need to have a dedicated execution definition for the maven-bundle-plugin:


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