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How to analyze raw Adobe Analytics data in BigQuery

Published on by Jiri Stepan on
Adobe Analytics is a great tool and we love to implement and use it. You can collect consistent data from all relevant digital channels and you can then use it to distribute awesome reports. But sometimes you may need to make a deep dive into raw data. You may want to examine a particular e-commerce transaction or may need to build a customized statistical model. This article shows how to automate the data load from Adobe Analytics to BigQuery using Linux shell script. Adobe Analytics gives you two ways to export data: The first one is the Data Warehouse. You can select from available metrics and dimensions and what you receive is a big CSV file with all the resulting combinations of the dimensions and metrics for the particular date range. But this data is already preprocessed and aggregated by Adobe Analytics. The second way is to use the Data Feeds export. In this case, you will get partially processed data that have been sent to Adobe Analytics using Insertion API. And that’s what you need for granular data crunching.


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