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On Choosing a Disaster Recovery Strategy for Adobe Experience Manager

Published on by Tad Reeves on
Adobe Experience Manager is a complex, high-end content and asset management platform that many of the largest brands in the world trust to run their massive marketing websites. As such, stake-holders in the enterprise are rightly concerned over AEM’s availability, and what the options are for architecting AEM so that it will weather high-stress / high-traffic period, but also to be designed to handle a serious physical or software disaster. As the topics of “DR” and “clustering” come up in literally every single discussion I’ve had around architecting an AEM environment, I wanted to discuss these topics at some length in hopes that it might help you come to a decision about how you want to approach this with your company. AEM Disaster Recovery – what Disasters are you Planning for? To make a disaster recovery plan, you need to decide what classes of “disaster” you are trying to plan for. In times past, “disaster” might have only meant “my server caught fire” or “my building permanently lost power” or something of this nature.


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