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My biggest learnings about Adobe Launch after few implementations

Published on by Antti Koski on
Just wanted to write small summary what I have learned after few Adobe Analytics implementations through Adobe Launch. Luckily there are awesome people that have already written great blog posts and shared pretty much all these little tricks and tips so probably nothing new to share, but hopefully my post highlights few important issues and features. And as said before, I write these posts mainly to myself. When I write this I will better memorize these details with codes and will surely come back to my post many times when wondering what was that great blog post I found or what was that cool code needed for custom code etc. I am my blog´s biggest fan, oh sweet… I wonder does Jan, Jenn and other feel this too about their own blogs? Ok, back to the topic. Adobe Launch has great documentation in here, but these official documentations (no matter what tool) are always missing some crucial details and at least I have sometimes difficulties to understand what you can do with this and that. That’s why blog posts with real use cases are important, so huge thanks Jenn, Jim and many others who are blogging about Adobe Launch.


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