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Debugging AEM application in Eclipse IDE

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Debugging AEM application in Eclipse IDE: In this video I have shown how you can debug your aem application in eclipse IDE, you can also use IntelliJ and debug there. There are 2 steps to debug in AEM. 1.Set AEM to accept debugger connection. We do that by setting some options in our JVM. That opens up a port that we can then connect our debugger to. 2.On the other side, we have to go to our debugger and setup a debug configuration to point to that port that we have opened on our aem instance. Open the start.bat file and put the jvm options as show in the video and start aem instance. Now, open the Eclipse and go to the debugger configuration and in the remote java application. Create new config and add the 3000 port number. Now, start the debugger, go to the page that has component we set our breakpoint to.WHile loading that page, our breakpoint will stop the execution from which you can step over the code and look what's going on in the code.


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