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Client-Side Testing with the Experience Cloud Debugger

Published on by Jay Jackson on
Consider the following scenarios: You’ve just launched your brand new Adobe Target optimization campaign but you aren’t sure if you are seeing any campaign content. Your boss has informed you that step 3 or 4 in the Adobe Analytics daily sales funnel report has gone missed as of yesterday. The Sales team has just informed you “High Value Prospects” (based on the Audience Manager segment) aren’t being presented with Summer BOGO promotional offer on the homepage. Not the best news one could hear right after the morning coffee – but not uncommon and certainly not an impossible challenge to overcome. While there are obviously a number possible causes for the scenarios above, the goal is to identify the roots cause(s) as efficiently as possible. Although you could log into each of the systems to validate campaign settings, launch information, etc. – wouldn’t it better if there was a single tool you could use to view exactly what the Experience Cloud libraries are doing on a given page? Well that tool exists – it’s called the Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger!


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