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Adobe Analytics Requirements and SDR in Workspace

Published on by Adam Greco on
Those who know me, know that I have a few complaints about Adobe Analytics implementations when it comes to business requirements and solution designs. You can see some of my gripes around business requirements in the slides from my 2017 Adobe Summit session and you can watch me describe why Adobe Analytics Solution Designs are often problematic in this webinar (free registration required). In general, I find that: Too few organizations have defined analytics business requirements Most Solution Designs are simply lists of variables and not tied to business requirements Often times, Solution Designs are outdated/inaccurate When I start working with new clients, I am shocked at how few have their Adobe Analytics implementation adequately organized and documented. One reason for this, is that requirements documents and solution designs tend to live on a [digital] shelf somewhere, and as you know, out of sight, often means out of mind. For this reason, I have been playing around with something in this area that I wanted to share. To be honest, I am not sure if the concept is the right solution, but my hope is that some of you out there can possibly think about it and help me improve upon it.


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