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Setting up Adobe Analytics for GDPR

Published on by Jenn Kunz on
There is so much documentation out there for Adobe Analytics and GDPR, it’s hard to see how it all fits together (though I do feel like Adobe’s documentation on the GDPR workflow is a good place to start). Note, I am NOT claiming to be an expert on this- I’ll defer to Adobe staff for their expertise. And I am NOT offering advice on what/how to regulate- I’ll defer to your legal/privacy team for that. But since I just had to muddle through all this, and learned a lot in the process, I figured I’d share my learnings and hopefully help others who are also muddling through. I’ve found that in general, when folks are talking about changes in Adobe Analytics to account for GDPR, they’re talking about one of three things: Obfuscating/removing User IP addresses Adobe Data Retention Settings Client Opt-out


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