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Top Features of AEM Assets 6.4

Published on by Joey Smith on
Top Features of AEM Assets 6.4 In Summits past, I have always let Peter attend all the “Top Features” sessions, because as a Systems Engineer (and management to boot) I wasn’t that interested in the “features” of AEM except for how the impacted me on the Operational side of things. However, now that I have made the jump over to the customer side, I took the opportunity this year to go to the “AEM Assets” Top 10 session hosted by Josh Ramirez and Elliot Sedegah. Having just attended the “Top 10 Features of AEM Sites” earlier in the day, I was really surprised at the difference in tone and presentational style. Rather than a laundry list of features, we were treated to a much more dynamic visual and auditory presentation. Some of the announcements were really exciting and addressed very real pain points my AEM Assets end-users suffer under daily,...


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