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Top 10 Hottest Features in Adobe Experience Manager 6.4: Sites

Published on by Peter Nash on
Adobe Experience Manager 6.4 had its GA release a week after Summit, much sooner than it ever has.  It’s like they are getting better at it. :) As in years past, I had the chance to attend “Adobe Experience Manager Sites: Top 10 New Innovations” that was presented by Cedric Huesler, Director Product Management AEM Sites, and Mathias Siegel, Senior Product Manager AEM Sites Team.  Below is their Top 10 list of new features, with some added commentary from me. If you have been part of the beta program then you might already be familiar with some of these. Let’s dive in. 1. Experience Fragments Building Blocks - Experience Fragments are one of the most important features driving fluid experiences in the digital content world.  As a reminder, they are different from Content Fragments. Here is a good breakdown of their differences, from Adobe. Now with Experience Fragments you can...


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