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Sling Context-Aware configuration (part 3): using a UI

Published on by Jörg Hoh on
In the last post I gave you a small tour how you can create your context-aware configuration. And you always used CRXDE Lite to do changes on your configuration. Which is ok for testing and during development, but as this configuration is made to be changed (otherwise we might have put it into OSGI, do you remember?), we need to provide a better way to do it. Something suited also for less-technical users. Steffen Seifert (of the Adobe partner Pro!Vision) started the project and contributed there a lot of interesting stuff and extensions for AEM. And they also developed an editor for CA-Config ( Ok, so let’s use it. The integration is very simple: Add the dependency to the package and add it as subpackage to your ui.apps package. Add a static template which uses “wcm-io/caconfig/editor/components/page/editor” as resourceType. And use this template.


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