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Alleviate Pain Points by Prioritizing Your Marketing Campaigns

Published on by Daniel Spigarolo on
The Issue: Managing Multiple Campaigns Concurrently For any organization that runs a multitude of marketing campaigns on a regular basis, one complaint often heard is that the more campaigns an organization has running, the more challenging it is to ensure the customer is receiving the right one. Without managing this larger quantity of campaigns properly, a business will run the risk of overlap – overcommunicating to recipients, sending them the wrong message at the wrong time and potentially losing your ability to deliver messages to them moving forward (channel or global opt-out). The first instinct of most companies is to create rules within workflows limiting a household from receiving one campaign if they have already been selected for another; however, as the business evolves and more campaigns are implemented, these rules become extremely difficult to keep track of and organize. This puts the marketing department in a difficult position, forcing both...


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