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Image Field in Adaptive Form (AEM Forms)

Published on by Jagjeet Singh on
Haven’t you come across a scenario, where the business wants you to emulate the paper based version of the forms as is on web channel ? If so, then I think the hardest part of such requests is to have an Image Field in Adaptive Form. It is like where the person filling up the form should be able to attach and then see or preview the passport size photograph or may be some other photograph while within the form’s view. Adaptive Forms only provide a hyperlink to the uploaded image. This link when clicked, depending upon your browser’s settings, will either open the image in a new tab or download it. Yet another important reason for this kind of request being popular is because there is a similar widget already present in Mobile Forms (aka XDPs aka XFA Forms aka Form Templates). People coming from Livecycle Background or those...


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