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Finding Adobe Analytics Components via Tags

Published on by Adam Greco on
When I am working on a project to audit someone’s Adobe Analytics implementation, one of the things I often notice is a lack of organization that surrounds the implementation. When you use Adobe Analytics, there are a lot of “components” that you can customize for your implementation. These components include Segments, Calculated Metrics, Reports, Dashboards, etc. I have some clients that have hundreds of Segments or Calculated Metrics, to the point that finding the one you are looking for can be like searching for a needle in a haystack! Over time, it is so easy to keep creating more and more Adobe Analytics components instead of re-using the ones that already exist. When new, duplicative components are created, things can get very chaotic because: Different users could use different components in reports/dashboards Changes made to fix a component may only be fixed in some places if there are duplicative components...


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