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Adobe DTM vs. Launch

Published on by Jim Gordon on
As you know, support for Adobe’s Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM) is going away. That doesn’t mean the platform will be shut down anytime soon, but it does mean you should consider migrating your implementation to Adobe Launch in the near future. One question you’ll want answered before migrating is: “What’s the difference between Adobe Launch vs. DTM?” The short answer: A lot… and at the same time not much. Summary of Changes  DTMLaunch Basics Web Properties The concept of Web Properties did not change between DTM and Launch.     Approval Workflow Adobe Launch adds some depth to the approval workflow process.   + User Permissions Adobe Launch offers greater flexibility of access to various environments.   + Extensions Adobe Launch is infinitely extensible, allowing third parties to integrate their own tools into the platform.     Tagtician Debugger Support The Tagtician debugger supports both Adobe DTM and Adobe Launch.  ...



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