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Adobe Commerce Integration Framework (CIF) Cloud: The Basics

Published on by Eddie Yao on
Commerce needs to be experience driven and make every moment shoppable. This is one of five digital trends for 2018 that can drive the future of AEM and more. We are seeing some solid progress. As part of the big initiative Adobe announced to enable experience driven commerce, a brand new Adobe Cloud Commerce Integration Framework (CCIF) is underway and actively developed by Adobe. Recently, I got a chance to work with the teams at Perficient and Adobe to preview, test, provide feedbacks on the new CCIF and started integration with IBM commerce and Magento. In this series of blogs, I am going to share the basics of Adobe Commerce Integration Framework (CIF) Cloud, how it works, what you need to implement, the resources to help you get started, and an integration POC developed by Perficient using this new framework. The Adobe Commerce Integration Framework (CIF) Cloud is currently on...


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