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Top 10 Features in Adobe Experience Manager 6.4

Published on by Ankur Ahlawat on
Adobe has announced the official release of its new version Adobe Experience Manager 6.4 on 04-Apr-18 after the release of AEM 6.3 last year. It consists of all the Service pack and hotfixes of AEM 6.3 along with many more customer key fixes. Adobe experience manager 6.4 consist of many major changes in terms of crxde structure like deprecation of /etc as well as features. Top 10 features that are introduced in Adobe Experience Manager 6.4:- Addition of Style System to template authoring:- Style System allows template authors to define styles for component by simply selecting different type of classes from drop down. This will eliminate the need for creating different components for different style and made components more flexible and adaptable to need of content authors. The AEM Style System was introduced with AEM 6.3 SP1 + Feature Pack 20593,and now available as part of aem 6.4.


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