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Make the Most of Adobe Summit: One Marketer's Pick of Sessions

Published on by Fred Faulkner on
I’m going to bet that you’ve recently had a conversation with friends and family that goes something like this: “So, I was just having this conversation about (insert topic here) and literally the next day, ads for that product/service started to show up in Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/email.  That is so creepy.” Creepy?  Maybe.  If the ads or the topic wasn’t relevant to you, yes, it would be creepy.  They would be not targeted and not thus, not valuable.  Creepy.  However, if the ads were actually valuable to your goal of, say, going on vacation, exploring a new product your friend talked about, or a discount for a brand that you admire, it wouldn’t be creepy.  (OK, admittedly, it still would be creepy, but you wouldn’t immediately complain.)  



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