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Creating Geolocated Experiences with Adobe Experience Manager

Published on by Dan Klco on
Understanding a user’s location is a critical piece of information for delivering relevant experiences. Geolocation, however, is usually more complex than initially anticipated. It can be difficult to implement accurately and if the Experience isn’t thought out carefully, can be disorienting. Before embarking on a creating a Geolocated experience, you should understand the experience being created, understand the requirements you need to solve and have an understanding of the technologies at your disposal. Designing a Geolocated Experience Ideally, geolocation should be: Accurate Quick Easy to understand Unobtrusive To find the solution that best fits your needs, you’ll need to understand what kind of content and experiences you are creating, what sort of devices and users you will be supporting, and how granular of localization you will be supporting. These questions help inform the best solution by weighing strengths the different options according to the priority of the needs for your...


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