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Five Key Take-Outs: Maximising ROI from Adobe Campaign

Published on by Georgina Groombridge on
On Tuesday 20th February, Celerity hosted an event for Adobe Campaign users exploring ways to maximise return on investment from the platform. Here are our top five take-outs: 1. “Prepare your data well in advance of implementation” This one came from Shauna Mullins & Laura Rowe at Skipton Building Society. They successfully implemented the Adobe Campaign platform just over four years ago and have benefitted from some impressive results; increasing campaign output by over 1000% and increasing incremental ROI by 300%. This doesn’t mean everything went swimmingly. Sharing their ‘Implementation Do’s & Don’ts’, they highlighted the need for brands to get their data in order BEFORE they undertake the implementation of a new platform like Adobe Campaign. They shared this advice after it took a large amount of unforeseen time and effort to organise their data, which ultimately held up the project and delayed the go-live. If they could go back in time,...


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