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Adobe Provides Taylor’s University with Tools for New Student Experiences

Published on by NUR JEEVAN GUNA SEGAR on
Creating experiences that compel your end user is not an easy thing to do. This still rings true in today’s marketing climate; some would say that it is even harder in the always-connected world that we now live in. Every day, every hour, every minute potential consumers and clients are being inundated with information, ads and experiences. The most successful are the ones who are able to cater to every step in the consumer’s decision with compelling interactions and experiences. This is the basis on which one of the leading universities in Malaysia, Taylor’s University, has partnered with the world’s leader in creative technologies, Adobe. The partnership is the first of its kind in the private education sector in Southeast Asia. As part of the partnership, Taylor’s University has adopted the broadest range of solutions from Adobe’s  Experience cloud including the Adobe Experience Manager and Livefyre, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Media...


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