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Six Ways to Ensure your Adobe Campaign Instance Stays Manageable and Scalable

Published on by Sue Murray on
Important Areas of Adobe Campaign You’ll Want to Keep Your Eye On Adobe Campaign (AC) is one of the most powerful cross-channel integrated marketing automation and campaign management platforms on the market.  Once you purchase Adobe Campaign and implement, the focus becomes configuring the product to meet your unique business processes and goals. With customized configuration comes a magnitude of options, and it isn’t as cut-and-dry as it seems. The more campaigns your run in Adobe Campaign over time, you may start to see slips in performance, or you can lose the internal knowledge of how it was implemented, or tables/integrations are updated without best practices or defined processes in place. It happens! Based on Celerity’s cross-industry experience partnering with enterprise-level clients, we’ve identified the six more important considerations for ensuring your instance stays scalable so you are always in a position to refine and evolve your instance, automate more processes, create...


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