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Third-Party Bidding Automation: Inside Adobe Media Optimizer

Published on by Tania Lau on
Bidding automation in paid search is a hot topic and a growing area of opportunity for profit-minded advertisers. As the scope of digital marketing programs continues to increase, sophisticated bidding tools can provide greater scale and precision to reach optimal return targets. It’s no surprise that AdWords has been emphasizing its own Smart Bidding tools. But, as a paid search specialist, I have found that these offer very little flexibility, especially for advertisers that have specific or complex business needs. To bridge the gap, various third-party bidding automation tools offer features designed to adapt to these unique challenges. At Perficient Digital, we use Adobe Media Optimizer (soon to be rebranded to Adobe Advertising Cloud Search) for enterprise-level clients. Adobe Media Optimizer (AMO) is a tool that automates and optimizes bids across search campaigns using robust conversion and cost models to determine optimal bids and yield the highest possible return on ad...


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