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Default views in AEM Sites Content Tree

Published on by Zachary Lott on
BackgroundWhen using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), you will come across pages that can be viewed in multiple ways. A prime example of this is the sites page. By default in AEM 6.3, pages such as the sites page display in what is called the column view. The user can change the view to either the card view or list view. This change will persist between user sessions through the use of browser cookies. Problem/Use CaseThere are some issues with the way these views work. The first is the simplest. Since the user’s current preferred view is stored as a cookie, it does not persist between browsers, computers or when the browser’s cookies are cleared (which at times is very frequent in AEM development). This can be a source of annoyance in the best case, and a source of confusion in the worst case. For example:  


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