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12 Ways to Ensure a Smooth Adobe Campaign Implementation

Published on by Sue Murray on
In today’s business world, there is no shortage of studies and statistics that demonstrate that software implementation and IT projects are more likely to fail than not and as a result your resources, time and money are at stake. Despite the odds not being in favor of these types of projects, concrete ways to ensure your implementation is successful do exist.   It starts with active, realistic project sponsorship at the executive level and a rock-solid Project Management approach to lead the effort. If you can then add in a number of effective tactics and techniques during the implementation your organization can avoid being one of those failure statistics. Based on our work planning, managing and executing more than 50 Adobe Campaign Implementations and over 126 customizations and integrations, Celerity has comprised a set of 12 tactics to employ as you embark on your next implementation: 1. Ensure there is a clearly defined Project Team...


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