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Whats New with AEM 6.4 + AEM Cloud Infrastructure

Whats New with AEM 6.4 + AEM Cloud Infrastructure

Presenter: Jeremy Freedman and Joe DeVito

We know it’s been a while since the last DC AEM meet up and we want to make this one a good one! We will be presenting fresh content straight from Adobe Summit last in March around the latest and greatest features of Adobe Experience Manager 6.4. In addition to that we will also be presenting “AEM Infrastructure Automation in the Cloud This presentation provides an overview of how to to automate the creation and management of AEM infrastructure in the cloud using AWS and Chef. A live demo will be given that creates self healing AEM environment in minutes.

We are looking to get in a regular rhythm with these meet ups and enjoy the perspectives, ideas, and projects other members are working on. If you are interested in presenting please reach out to us via the contact form on meet up OR in person! Looking forward to seeing you all in June.

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Jun 05, 2018 at 6:00 PM EST



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